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part I

The pieces that compose this collection are the result of an introspective journey, focusing on the emotional and social changes to what the author was submitted over the years, the mutations that the body and soul suffer, self-inflicted damaging solutions, sorrow-made masks, some of them to protect, others to unconsciously imprison.


Este já não sou Eu

The present collection is in its essence a metaphorical narrative of the author’s life, from the beginning of his growth to the present, representing several moments of his emotional evolution and maturation process.


From early childhood, in which the environment was controlled, protective and full of support, to the first steps in adult life, where the social and emotional structure are more challenging and complex.


During this process, there were several setbacks, heartache, aggressions, humiliations, and other decisions that forced the author to redefine how he related with others, these changes are in this collection depicted in two parts, the first is composed by pieces of blown glass with a wood exoskeleton and the second part is a set in ceramic pieces. 


All together they compose the sculpture illustrated narrative.