Discover the new DUNA T series

Plug & play solution to set the mood wherever you need it...


''It's not industrial and it's not craft, it's neither art or design, it's something else in between yet to be defined...''




Duna is a lamp that was born from blowplastic technique, the hand made and hand worked process is what generates the so soft and utterly calming nuances in the piece. 


Antefaces I

ANTEFACES part I is a series of sculptures made from wood, blown glass and in one case, plaster. Together they represent a journey, the maturing of an individual.

Antefaces II

ANTEFACES part II is a series made of selected clays applied on porcelain based pieces. The continuity of the individual maturing process is therefore represented in this series with neutral, calm and elegant pieces.


Blowplastic - Antimolds

Blowplastic - Antimolds consists in a series of pieces created with an intricate technique developed by SilvaSancho. 3 special molds define the shape of blown PLA in a handmade process.


Blowplastic consists of a technique created by Silva Sancho, in which bioplastic is free-blown to create exquisite pieces that provoque the limits of perception on      a common material.



Copperseries is the result of Silva Sancho's curiosity of sheer material exploration, gathering copper and glass in a single piece. A partnership between elements to achieve intricate yet captivating creations.